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A lab of applied positive psychology

Research and development of Happiness contents
Happiness class for schools (3,000+ teachers)
Happiness training for government and corporates

The happiness traning expert

Happiness tree project (10,000+ trees a year)
HaHa : 8 weeks program for happiness habits
HAFT : happiness facilitator training
Employability training (4,000 job seekers, 2016~2017)
Humanism training (73,000 soldiers, 2016)
Poster at WCPP 2015
Workshop/Poster at ECPP 2016

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Bloom training model
Mind Wheel®
Positive psychology X People development
6 elements of mind that enables life growth with happiness. Positivity and relations grow happiness in life, strengths and values enhance satisfaction of life, and awakening and vitalizing sustain actions for growth with happiness.
Positivity Relations Strengths Values Awakening Vitalizing
Positive emotions Friendship / Fellowship Self-confidence Self-esteem Wisdom Willpower
Happiness / Good mood Satisfaction / Self actualization Sustaining growth
Positive resonance Authentic identity Grounding ritual


Happiness works

The benefits of happiness include higher income and superior work outcomes, larger social rewards, more activity, energy, and flow, and better physical health and even longer life.
– Sonja Lyubomirsky

Positive emotions broaden (rather than narrow) an individual's thought-action repertoire
– Barbara L. Fredrickson

Positive affect facilitates creative problem solving.
– Alice M. ‎Isen

For companies, happy employees mean better bottom-line results. ... 31% higher productivity; their sales are 37% higher; their creativity is three times higher.
- Shawn Achor

How to bloom happiness?

Happiness Training & Workshop


8 words of happiness + 8 weeks of journey

The first step of applying positive psychology into life. Participants broaden their perspectives on happiness with 5 elements of well-being, PERMA suggested by Martin Seligman. After discovering 8 words that linked to a happy life, participants improve their daily lives for 8 weeks (one word a week).

Mental health program, 8 weeks of reformation

HaHa optimizes individual's performance and maximizes team potential for performance. 8 weeks program at workplace facilitates soft communication and strong collaboration in team and create a big commitment to the organization.
Members of an organization can co-create strategies for making their workplace more a flourishing place. 4 types of workshop modules are provided for the different status of the organization.

Professionals of applyed positive psychology

You can be happier when you make others happy. Happiness facilitator can help people and organization to act for happiness and to optimize their competence. HAFT provides positive psychology, happiness training tools, and workshop.